Raw Milk


Raw milk?  Huh???

I just always go to the store and pick up my carton of milk.  Straight from a cow to my cup??  Not pasteurized? Strange!

Part of my journey with my blog followers will be to explore new things.  Some of my recipes will be new to them, so it’s only fair that I explore new food items as well.  On Monday, I went to breakfast with the ladies from my neighborhood.  Many of them were talking about the farm that is just down the road.  I had never considered going anywhere other than the Commissary or the German grocery store to buy my milk.  Many of the ladies at breakfast shared how much they loved the raw milk from the farm.  I was intrigued.

Raw milk is milk that has not been pasteurized or homogenized.  It comes straight from the cow to your glass.  When I first heard about this, I had to call my Dad and ask him about it.  I knew that he had told me about having raw milk at his Grandparents’ house when he was growing up.  He told me that the milk would be sweeter and that it would be an acquired taste because it is so much richer than what you can buy in the store.

I must add here that there are warnings about drinking raw milk.  There is even a sign up by the milk machine that says to boil the milk before you drink it.  However, most women and kids in this neighborhood drink it raw and have never had any problems.  I knew that I wanted to try it raw once before I decided if I would boil it or not.  I’ll wait and see how my body reacts to raw milk before I share any with the kiddos.  With that said, here is our adventure in raw milk:


We drove up to the barn and there was a cute little hut out in front.  I have been told that on warm days, these doors are open and you can see the cows inside.  No cows for us today.

When we went inside, everything was nice and clean and there was a big metal cooler a door and buttons and slots for money.  There must be many Americans that come here because there were very clear directions in English.  Thank goodness.


The milk is dispensed one liter at a time.  The cost is 1 Euro for 1 liter.  I stopped by a home store in town and purchased this jar for milk.  I wanted something that would seal well.  I put my money in and then opened the door.  There is a dispensing tube at the top.  I put the jar underneath and pressed a button and it filled my jar.



Here is our jar of milk!  It’s definitely thicker than what we buy in the store and the color is more of a yellow or cream shade.



You can see the English directions behind me in this pic.  This picture cracks me up because I look like I have never bought milk before.

We came home and tried the milk right away.  Jason made me try it first.  🙂  I really liked the taste right away.  It tasted like milk, but there was a sweet aftertaste to it.  I will definitely drink it again.  I’m doing some research on raw milk versus boiling it and will make a decision about what to give our family.  There is so much information out there.  I had no idea!  I’m interested in how you cook with it and what else you can make with it.  I hear that the cream that separates to the top is amazing in coffee and that it makes awesome butter.

What about you?  Are you a regular drinker of raw milk?  Do you have any experience with it?  Share what you know!


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